Our Advantage

First of all,we’re a manufacturer. A manufacturer means we can control the quality from the first step of manufacturing, and a manufacturer also means we know how long the time we need to finish your order. If you buy from a manufacturer,the price quoted is normally true based on the real quality. Circumvented from a middleman just like a trade company,a company which couldn’t produce the goods but buy from a third manufacturer to profit,the price which you can get from us is the lowest.

Second, we have a professional design and researching team to output what our future new products would like. They’re veterans in this field,the products they designed are the best integration of light performance,safety,beauty and convenience. With this advantage,the products you buy from us will meet no competition in the market,because in this world,there would be no other manufacturer who can produce the same goods just like ours.

Third,to a buyer,except price what means the most? The quality. Our general manager is an engineer in our product filed of ten years more experience. A tiny defect in his eyes means the “no” acceptable,he check the goods every day in the workshop, if some unacceptable goods was delivered out the factory,it means the one responsible for the goods would receive a loud-shouting blame.

Fourth,we’re an ISO certified company. Our manufacturing procedures are under 9001 quality management system, our products are targeted for high-end markets.We’re partners of Cree and Meanwell.